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You can register as an affiliate and earn money by performing very simple tasks.
Here are some affiliates earning options which we put on the table for the customer.
1. Submit a post on Facebook / Twitter for $1
There is no doubt that social media is the most powerful method for marketing products and services. As an affiliate, you can earn $1 by submitting a related post on Facebook / Twitter. A sample post is given below.

Invest money in crypto currency to earn money quickly. Crypto currency is on a financial boom.”

Note : You need to share your referral link.
2. Share your withdrawal on Facebook / Twitter to earn $2
If you have made a withdrawal, you can share it on Facebook / Twitter to earn $2. However, the following conditions apply.

    The account should be your actual account used regularly and not one used for marketing purposes only.
    The account should have a minimum of 1200 followers.
    The referral link should be attached in the post.
    The account should be public viewable without any privacy.
3. Deposit and share on Facebook / Twitter to get $2
As an affiliate, you can deposit a minimum of $30 and you share it on Facebook /Twitter.
4. Give a YouTube review for $10
YouTube is a powerful marketing platform. You can create a video on how our website operates. However, to earn from it, you should earn a minimum of 0.001 BTC in the video. Along with that, your face should be clearly visible.
5. Get USD to 20 - 50 to write a quality blog
Are you an affiliate who has writing skills? If yes then you can use them to earn USD 50. The article should provide an explanation of the experience that you have had with our company. Along with that, there are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled..

    The blog should not be less than 600 characters in length
    The blog should not comprise of original material and not copied content
    The affiliate cannot delete the blog even after he has received the paycheck.
6. Each user can take part in a Refferal Competition.
We offer quality earning options for people who register as affiliates. If you wish to get your hands on these attractive earning options, you should register right away. The tasks that need to be performed are quite simple and do not consume long time durations.
The only condition for participation in the competition is to make a deposit for a minimum of  $100, get referrals and receive rewards


50 Active Referrals $100
25 Active Referrals $50
15 Active Referrals $25
10 Active Referrals $10